Speculative Development

Cohn Development Services has holdings across the Southeast, Northeast and Midwest. To remain competitive in these markets, we have a strategy that includes providing speculative product. We hold interests in the Industrial, Healthcare, Retail and Office sectors.

Cohn Development Services has a unique skillset that includes market knowledge, landlord experience and expert design-build construction knowledge that allows us to strategically deliver building solutions to meet the demands of our future clients. Evaluating the market can be a risky and challenging endeavor. Having been successful in doing this for over 25 years, Cohn Development remains one of the most successful providers of speculative product in the industry.

The desire to remain competitive not only drives us to continue to perform and provide product in the markets we currently exist in, but also to attack new and emerging markets. We often lead these markets with renovation, regeneration and redevelopment which leads to a better grasp on the market in order to provide new, ground up speculative product.