Cohn Construction Services sees our commitment to safety as a vital part of providing outstanding service. We hold workplace safety as our single most important priority. Our driving philosophy is to send each and every person that works on our projects home safely at the end of each day. Our daily operation is based on the core of our Corporate Safety program and Safety Manual. This program is more specific than OSHA 1926 requirements and is based on years of experience of safe construction execution. Each job goes through a rigorous examination before startup and a Job Site Specific Safety Plan is written. This helps us identify potential problem areas to ensure safe completion of each job while allowing risk of accidents and injury to be mitigated.

Through the use of these programs, active commitment to safety, and proper planning, Cohn Construction Services boasts an EMR of .86. Due to our excellence in safety standard, our firm was recognized in 2017 by the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce for our outstanding safety performance. With the implementation of our corporate safety manual, safety orientations, insurance certificate auditing and equipment inspections, Cohn Construction Services is able to maintain a superior safety reputation.